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"Christi and I met by chance and in just the first few minutes of conversation, she greatly impacted my business. She is excellent at what she does because she is a good listener, persistent, offers ongoing follow-through and communication, and is good counsel when you need it. Through each placement, Christi has targeted exactly what kind of talent we need for our business and has been a source of encouragement and positivity through any challenge. It has been my absolute pleasure to partner with Christi and I look forward to her calls, always offering sound advice and new ways to approach the hiring process. I highly recommend Christi’s firm for professional recruitment."

Dori Blitzstein, Vice President
Roesel-Heck Company

"Lepley Recruiting is our primary choice for outsourced recruiting efforts. We have full confidence in their ability to build the best applicant pipeline possible. The professionalism, reliability, and quality of service are just a few reasons why we continue to choose Lepley Recruiting time and again."

Whitney Marks, Corporate Recruiter
Engineered Floors

"Christi was a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and has both her client's and my needs at the forefront. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to fill a position or who needs a fresh start! Thank you Christi!"

Morgan Smith, Vice President - Business Development

Right Management

"I found Christi to be very prompt and professional in helping us to search for viable candidates. She vets them very well, finds out what we need and searches for candidates that meet those needs, so that we do not waste a lot of time. Her ability to report to us often on her progress in a very readable format is very useful. Christi has been a valuable addition to our internal ability to find successful candidates....I would recommend her to companies looking for a recruiter who understands how to ferret out the ones who fit the culture they will be going into. "

Terry Stinson, Manager - Sales Training

J+J Flooring Group


"Christi is one of those recruiters you don't meet every day. Her expertise in the field of recruitment is impressive. She looks to find a fit for a candidate's personality rather than just their resume. "

Sonja Kisin, Psychology Consultant

Deloitte - Kaisen Consulting

"Christi is a true "rockstar," in the recruiting field! She is energetic, reliable and sharp as a whip. I am so thrilled to partner with Christi on projects and highly recommend her to others wishing to engage with a true professional."

Misty McAllister

Director of Recruiting Services

Kremple Consulting

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