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What We Do

We start with a comprehensive understanding of each of our clients.  We look at the culture, values, and strategic goals of the organization.  We collaborate closely with the hiring team to help define the needs of the candidates they are looking for.


We are in the business of building long-term relationships with our clients and our candidates and lead with the relationships we've built, not the opportunity.  It is critical to our success and to our clients that a candidates ambitions match our clients expectations.  We do what we say, communicate our progress, and honor our commitments.

Search & Recruitment
  • Initial consultation to understand your needs and the candidates you are looking for; taking into consideration long-term potential, relevant work experience and good cultural fit 

  • Development of job description 

  • Development of interview screening form to be used to conduct in-depth interviews of candidates

  • Present only qualified candidates within 2-3 weeks

  • A scheduled weekly or bi-weekly candidate update that will include an in-depth pipeline of all candidates presenting

  • Recommendations based on screening insights 

  • Offer and acceptance negotiation assistance

  • Replacement Guarantee

  • Confidentiality if necessary

Fee Structure

We work two ways:

  1. Retained Search with small engagement fee

  2. Contingency Search 

Advantages to a retained search:

  • Work as an extension of your HR department

  • Reference checks if requested

  • Lower recruiting fee 

  • Special rates for multiple searches

  • Weekly candidate updates and pipeline transparency

  • Priority over any contingent searches in process

  • Replacement guarantee

Advantages to a contingency search:

  • Payment is contingent only on placement of candidate

  • No exclusivity

  • Limited commitment regardless of outcome of the search

  • Replacement guarantee

Practice Areas
  • Chief Operating Officers 

  • Director of Transportation

  • Vice President of Sales

  • General Managers

  • Branch Managers

  • National Sales Managers

  • Commercial A&D Sales

  • Regional Sales Representatives

  • Strategic Account Managers

  • Technical Sales Managers

  • Human Resource Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Estimators

  • Project Planners

  • Warehouse Managers

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